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Environmental Protection
International Accreditation
Product Accreditation
The Group is always dedicated to pursuing product quality, and its products are widely recognized in the domestic and overseas textile industries. At the same time, the Group also strives to satisfy the requirement of environmental protection regarding production and management.

The Quality control system of the Group includes:

Purchase of raw materials
Conduct sample testing prior to order confirmation to ensure quality of lint cotton.

Set up product testing laboratory at each of the production areas, conduct comprehensive testing and research analysis on quality of semi-finished and finished products to ensure strict adherence to customers' specifications.

Inventory storage
Establish proper procedures to ensure no derogation of product quality during storage and transportation.

Machinery and equipment management
Carry out regular inspections and maintenance by engineers to ensure optimal performance of machinery and equipment.

Sales staff are responsible for collecting customers' opinions and handling customers' complaints appropriately and in a timely manner.

Staff quality awareness and reward system
Conduct regular training and continuous assessment of staff to further enhance awareness of quality, promote staff, and carry out our reward system.
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